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Examples of services provided

Curaderm near ITWorks - Port Vila, Vanuatu We offer a wide range of data and voice solutions to help your business succeed in the digital networked economy. No matter where you are in Australia, tell our team about your business goals and we'll help you come up with the best solution. Our innovative, flexible solutions and uncomplicated pricing plans make business IT a breeze. We understand that every business has a unique set of requirements, we are here to help you plan your Internet and Voice solutions to allow for growth and scalability.

Please call (+61 (0)3 9912 8943) or email to discuss your options.

Make the most of your broadband! Use the latest technology for phone calls. No longer be surprised by phone bills and enjoy unlimited calling at a fixed base rate per month/per user. You can use your existing phone or make and receive calls at your computer.

Curaderm near ITWorks - Port Vila, Vanuatu

Satellite and Wireless Broadband
Frabelle - Lae, Pupa New Guinea Today, more and more people are connecting to the Internet via WiFi, or wireless. It's today's no-fuss, no-cables way to surf online. It also means you don't need to spend a fortune on elaborate cabling to provide high-speed Internet access.

Apex Broadband have agreements with Speedcast and Symbio/VNO to offer VSAT and voice services into Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

We have reseller agreements with the following:

  • Aperto Networks (wireless)
  • Skypilot (wireless)
  • C-Com (mobile satellite)
  • iDirect Technologies (satellite)
  • EMS Technologies (satellite)

Frabelle - Lae, Pupa New Guinea

"Apex Broadband provided us with an iDirect VSAT that has saved our company significantly on telephony call cost and Internet access. The installation was simple and the service has been very reliable."
Reggie Cabana, Papua new Guinea

Wallis Island, South Pacific Installation Our experience within the IPTV and wireless area has allowed us to design, system integrate and install IPTV services using video over IP. The technology includes; Optibase MPEG-4 H.264 encoding, ASI turnaround, Sunniwell middleware, Verimatrix conditional access, and set-top box decoding over Skypilot or Aperto wireless local loop infrastructure.

Apex Broadband have proven experience in providing project managed solutions to various operators in Australia, UK, Europe and the Pacific Islands. We design, install and manage the rollout of satellite, wireless and voice-over-IP services to rural towns or islands. Typically Quintum and Vegastream SIP gateways or Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATA's) are used to connect to existing telephones or PABX's and ensure the installation is seemless for the end customer.

Our experience and contacts within the Pacific Islands has led to various satellite wireless projects in Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Wallis Island, South Pacific Installation

Wallis Island, South Pacific Final Installation

Gaston Llitui (Director General) of the Chamber of Commerce said, "This is fantastic! It's the first time Wallis has had low cost calls and Internet access. Now everyone can call France."

Viasat Linkstar Modem.pdf

iDirect Series 3000 Remote.pdf

C-com iNetVu Datasheet 08-03-2005.pdf

Photos of installations.pdf

Final installation Wallis Island, South Pacific

The Wallis & Futuna project has been seen as a model in the industry to provide low cost infrastructure to remote Pacific Islands. Apex Broadband beat the incumbent ISP (backed by France Telecom and Alcatel) to deploy a solution. Now end users can enjoy substantial international call rate price reductions.

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